About Tanya Harding – in short form

My roots are diverse – Irish, German, Swedish, English and, as I’ve recently heard, also a bit of French is in there! In March 2015 I founded my own restaurant in the historical and picturesque core of Arnstadt, Thuringia’s oldest city. In addition to running my own restaurant with my team, I offer show cooking, cooking classes and offer what I call “Culinary Explorations” or, perhaps better translated, “Culinary Vacations or Trips”, a  thematic culinary and culture event. In addition, I’m an “Ambassador” for the Sarah Wiener Foundation, and offer courses revolving around good nutrition, basic cooking techniques, environmental consciousness, and much more, for children and youth. In addition to my career as a cook and entrepreneur, I’m a certified “Nature and Environmental” teacher, as well as certified Jena Plan and English as a Second Language teacher.  I’ve offered my own programs for children and their families, whereby we connected culinary, gardening and arts as a means to not only learn German, but also to foster and exchange from German to new migrant cultures and languages.

My cooking career started in Ottawa, Canada, with Blackbird Catering, at first a full catering service and later, also a fine-foods store. I taught cooking classes in Canada as well, and had the occasional demonstration or cooking class in TV and in even in CBC radio. Some of my favorite “Blackbird” highlights was working as a food stylist with the Great Canadian Food Show for various shows, the great caterings for the stars of the Ottawa Jazz Festival like Winton Marsalis, Omara Portuondo and Herbie Hancock, as well as cooking for Ottawas diplomatic and Ministerial government circles and for 3 Canadian Prime Ministers.



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